“Imagine the possibilites.
Supercomputers can
simulate nuclear fusion,
predict the path of
hurricanes, or perform
aerodynamic analysis of
aircraft or artificial

Case in Point — NEC

We created and wrote everything from ads and brochures to position the company at the highest level to products advertising and marketing materials.

Working both directly with NEC Electronics in the USA and TBWA’s affiliate agency in Tokyo on the corporate account, we created a wide
range of campaigns for consumer electronics, PCs, enterprise computing (hardware and software), semiconductors, mobile phones, and telecommunications infrastructure.

We won a competition for a global ad campaign to launch this venerable electronics giant’s first major brand makeover in 100 years. The full-page creative appeared in virtually every major metropolitan market in the world–including such daily papers as Le Monde, the New York Times, Times of India, Financial Times of London, the LA Times and dozens more.

We also created a corporate image campaign that ran for five years in The Asian Wall Street Journal, AsiaWeek, the Far Eastern Economic Review, The Straights Times and other influential Asian publications.